Dating myself, the first camera I can remember taking photos with, was a Brownie Holiday Camera.  I think that actually belonged to my brother.  Imagine my excitement on a Christmas morning, opening up a brand new Kodak Brownie Starmite (introduced in 1960).  I took photos of the local squirrels, neighbor’s cat or anything else that […]


I was first exposed to the world of scrapbooking in 1998.  It was a Creative Memories, two hour mini class.  We each brought 6 photos, enough to make 1 page.  That was just the beginning of yet another whole new world for me.  Back then, everything was “traditional scrapbooking” – i.e., albums that you put […]

My Love of Collies

As many kids growing up during my generation, Lassie became one of my favorite shows to watch.  I was always struck by not only how beautiful Lassie was, but how smart and loyal she was as well.  I knew some day when I got my first dog, it would be a collie.  I was thrilled […]

Other Favorite Photos

Here are other favorite photos I’ve taken at a variety of locations.